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RE: Idea for T3.org

Everyone's always told me that the 1641, while easy and cheap, isn't a good idea, and that anything less than a 1776 is a waste of money.  The main concern is that the increased displacement is achieved by boring out stock jugs larger, which decreases the thickness of the cylinder walls and causes problems with heat transfer.  On the other hand, I've known a few people with this setup, and they've had no complaints so far.  These motors seem to have more off the line torque, but little if any improvement in upper rpm performance.  I personally would keep a stock size motor and perhaps add a mild cam or make head flow improvements rather than do this "upgrade".

To each his own,
70 sb
75 westy  

From: 	vernon chand[SMTP:vychand@ihug.co.nz]
Sent: 	Sunday, December 21, 1997 3:59 AM
To: 	type-3@umich.edu
Subject: 	Re: Idea for T3.org

hey cayson

i have a '63 notch exactly the same colour as yours!
cool colour!
how does your car go with the 1641cc and dual qp's?
mines' a standard dual port 1600cc,same carbs and a single qp.seems mighty
quick though.did you have a 1500cc in your car before you changed to a
i am interested to know what sort of performance gain can be made by
putting in 1641cc barrells and pistons.

comments anyone?

by the way cayson, i reckon keep your car the way it is.it looks way cool
with those standard wheels and wheel covers(is that the proper name?)

4 more sleeps..........yes it is sunday night in new zealand.......their is
a group in the park singing christmas carols....we(girlfriend,emma{she says
hello}and i) are taking rubin{my notch}for a drive around the

see ya 

> From: VWMAN18 <VWMAN18@aol.com>
> To: type-3@umich.edu
> Subject: Re: Idea for T3.org
> Date: Sunday, 21 December 1997 19:18
> You can see me and my car at my website.  Its a little fuzzy, but hey, I
> still learning how to work the scanner.  Try
> http://members.aol.com/vwman18/Cayson.htm
> Cayson Ellsworth
> 68 Fastback (winner of "Cosmetically Challenged", FLA Bug Jam 97)
> 72 Super
> 71 Ghia Vert (4 sale)

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