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Re: tire pressure

On 20 Dec 97, Charles E. Whitney wrote:

> Just got back from my local tire joint.  They recommended a higher tire
> pressure from that which is recommended by VW  (17lbs front, 27-34
> depending on load for the rear).  They suggested 30lbs all around.  Is
> that ignorance about old VW's or is that new wisdom for new tires?  By
> the way, I have a '67 Square.

Many places recommend this.  You will get the same response 
regardless of what kind of car you drive.   It seems to just be the 
generic response that saves the people from knowing anything about 
any particular car

I tend to run on the high side of the OE recommendations: 20psi 
front, 30 psi rear (unloaded).  I don't know about 67s specifically, 
but all years after that recommended 36psi rear fully loaded.  That 
also happens to be the max recommended inflation pressure (under use) 
for most tires.  It's still okay to put much more in the spare for 
the later T3s that use that pressure for the windshield washer (I 
don't think your 67 does that) , but you must bleed it down to match 
the other side of that axle if you use the spare. 

> While waiting, asked about those 165 r 15 by Coker (Goodrich).  $ 80.00
> a tire if any one was wondering.

Why bother as long as the Michelin 165SR15XZXs are available for 
about $65? 

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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