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Re: Air Cooler Engine...

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Greg Merritt wrote:

> 	The original design requirements for the Beetle (in the 1940s)
> included that it be able to maintain 100km/hr (about 60 miles per hour)
> with four people, ALL DAY.  On a number of occasions I have driven Beetles
> & Squares for twelve hours or more, stopping only for gas (and maybe half
> an hour for a bite to eat), including desert travel at temperatures of 105F
> or more.  Even used my Square to tow my Beetle 400 miles in such conditions!


How about a 69 T-2 running for 1 week, two days, between 60 and 70, with
four people, plus westy interior, plus nessesities...food, water,
clothes, CD's..:)

True, she did get a 2 day break in seattle, but we put just shy of 10,000
miles on her in that time...:)

Don't EVEN try to tell me about "running for more than 2 hours..":)

Gotta love a VW.:)


(oh, gas stops took a little longer on the first leg of the trip, because
it takes longer to fill the Ryder who was with us...:)

David Raistrick  '69 Westy-Itchigo			keen@slurpee.net
		 '66 Hardtop Westy			in Augusta Ga
Mike West's Pushing Back the Darkness Series:

The Turning 40 Nostalgic VW Service Tour, and Search for the Beginning of Wind

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