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Re: insurance(got you all beat)

ive got you all beat. here it is. you have to have a primary car for back
and forth to work. it is FULL coverage, 0 deductable, and you set the limit
of total pay off if totaled. they want pictures. no biggie. 
are you ready for this?

ok here goes. 
i pay 169.00 each year for three (3) cars.
169.00 each year covers a 66 sunroof bug, a 66 squareback, and a 56 singlecab.
they dont ask for your milage or anything and ive had two (2) claims and
they took care of everything fast and with no questions. 
the company name is greenwich insurance co.
the issuing company is Hagerty classic auto insurance
theyre toll free number is 1-800-922-4050

if you dont call your paying way to much and when you do. youll stand there
like some moron in amazement. then with all the money i saved you, you can
send greg merrit cash to support this sight. ( cheap plug eh greg ?)
 beat that c-ya and good luck. the porsche guys have been using them for years.
thats why they can afford those cars.
c-ya Jonce

>> That said,
>> > affordable insurance is right up there with the Easter Bunny in the
>> > American mythology. If you find it, tell everyone, especially me.
>> >
>> > Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
>>         Ok top this:  $160/year
>> Insured: '66 Square
>> Coverage: Liability only, less than 10,000 mi/year, "not for work", 2nd
>> car, over 25, married
>> Company: USAA CIC(some time of limited membership/military dependant
>> group)
>>         This price includes the check we got last week refunding 25% of our
>> yearly premiums because of "improved loss experience and strong
>> financial marketplace performance".  Unexpected checks at X-mas time
>> Peter Parker
>> '66 Square; Phillip
>> Portland, OR
Jonce Fancher 
56 singlecab
66 sunroof bug very nice for sale 
66 variant square back
71 sunroof bus
92 jetta gl winter car
94 ford probe GT (wifes car)

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