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Re: how many cooling tins

JohnJetty=> how many cooling tins are there I only see the one's on the 
=> top of the engine and the bottom piece that helps to force air over 
=> the heads

If memory serves properly, there are 13 pieces of engine tin. In order 
of assembly:

2 small pieces above the pushrod tubes. These go in before the tubes. 
We hot-weather folks are usually better off with the aftermarket "cool 

2 small rear pieces that connect the upper and lower tins.

2 uppers, the big ones.

2 lowers to keep rocks off your pushrod tubes.

2 small pieces that make the spark-plug holes.

2 even smaller pieces to seal around the intake manifolds. I've never 
seen one of these in person. Anybody got them and can share? I need them 
for my Ghia ... 

1 front plate, often missing, that doesn't seem to be essential to 
cooling but sure keeps a lot of dirt out of the engine compartment.

=> a good engine person on the west coast 

I can connect you with several good engine builders here and in Phoenix. 

=> anybody know anything about those fabric sunroof from Phoenix. 

I've seen quite a few of them, several in T3s. They look good, and I've 
yet to hear a complaint about leakage. I wouldn't expect one to last a 
long time under desert sun, but that's just a feeling.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 T3 Ghia

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