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Re: A question for Greg and the list

>Did anyone pick up and continue the Census while I was on sabatical?

	Nope--it's still all your baby. :)

	However... we will (shortly) have the potential to do this in an
automated way via the new web site, which supports cgi (that'll let us do
forms & maintain databases & stuff like that).  Folks will be able to add
their own entries, and the dbase can be searched, etc.

	The first priority, though, will be to get the list up & going in
tip-top shape (so that folks can subscribe in digest form, change their
status automatically, etc.).  This will be followed shortly (or nearly
simultaneously) by adding the web "mirror" of the e-mail list & the
FAQ/archive of threads from the past year of the list, available via both
web & e-mail autoresponders.  (Heh--this is gonna be cool.)  I also see
Type III only classifieds as a high priority, and would put that feature
high up on the list.

'69 & '71 Squarebacks
'63 Beetle

OK, so what kinda time frame are we talkin' here?

This weekend?

Big Al

"The rarest-of-the-rare Volkswagens"
Type 3 Cabriolet Prototype Project

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