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Re: New SqB with single carb poking up in engine cover.

> Unless the vehicle was a *complete* pan-off job there will be rust. 
Judging by 
> the carb setup I'm willing to bet that the body/pan weren't given this
type of 
> special care.  Rust generally appears in the heater channels, under the
> (check this first!), against the front firewall under the windscreen, on
> fresh air plenum in the trunk, and in the fender wells.  You can use a
> magnet to check for body filler on the panels (when you feel less 'pull'
> the magnet you know there's body filler under the paint).  I don't want
to burst
> your bubble but I'm just relaying the reality.  If you truly have a T3
> absolutely no rust then consider yourself very, very lucky!

There are a couple of 'cancer' spots about the size of a quarter in some
places, I never thought there was 'no' rust.  I was just saying it looks a
lot beter than your average rusted out VW.  (I live in Northern Utah, where
they salt the roads just for the fun of it.  I think its a conspiracy with
the local body shops, but thats a different story...)  

I 'do' know that the previous owner was not very mechanically inclined. 
There were a lot of half-assed things done to it.  I'm slowly weeding these

> >From '68 and on all the Type IIIs in the US were fuel injected so your 
> Squareback was originally FI.  Yes, the single carb is a pain (and you
can't use
> the rear cargo area as intended!).  The best carbs vary.  Dellorto and
> make good ones, as do Kadron, for the after-market.  If you're keeping
> Square stock then using a pair of Solex would be the best bet.  Others on
> list can help you better than I on this subject [of stock carbs].  For
> applications stick with 32mm carbs and no bigger.  34mm if you have a
> engine (probably the case).  We need more information on what you have so
> give us more details.

Wow, I didn't know that it was originally FI.  There are mounting spots for
the carbs on either side of the engine though...   I would love to continue
working on the car, but today I found out just how bad it is to turn in the
snow.  I ran into a semi.  Luckily, I wasn't going very fast, and I hit one
of those giant tires, so there was no damage to his vehicle.  My front
trunk is crumpled.  There was minimal damage to the bumper, and no damage
to the L/R fenders.  

Does anybody out there have any of these parts for sale?


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