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What Now Revisited....

I believe my rusty old squareback has a sense of humor.

Following everyone's advice, I went through everything I could have
bumped.  I reburnished connections, cleaned terminals, tightened
contacts.  Found one or two I had missed-  this type of excersise is
never tortally in vain-if nothing else you can ask me "Hey R.J.-  what
condition is your fuel pump relay terminal 30?" and I can answer with
great detail.  

Well, I finished my checking and nothing happened.  Checked my timing-  I
got it to backfire once.  Lost hearing in my left ear.  Pump is working fine,
turning on and off when it should.  Checked my computer for the first
time, meaning to clean that big connector i see in the Muir book.  I don't
have one-  is this normal???  Just a bundle of wires going in...

So in desparation I take the never-seen-this-engine-before approach- 
the one you use when that cute girls car wont start and you ewant to
seem like the man.
Compression, yes.  Fuel, yes .  spark???

Somewhere between the  day I drove it out front and the next two days.
My ignition coil died.  Can you belive it?? It is BARELY making a spark.

buying a new one after work-  I'll keep you all posted. the neighbors are
starting to complain-  if she doen't run soon I'll have to accept defeat and
push her out back again, here the dead cars go....

-71 Square 
-72 Bus/Camper/Welder Nightmare

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