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Re: Windshield Washer

> The windshield washer fluid thing just doesn't work right on my 69
> Squareback.   Do any of you Type III gurus have any suggestions on what
> do?  (Well, an overview of how it actually works would be nice too...)

It's supposed to work?  :)

Here's how it works on my '65, which I believe is the same on your '69:
1. The washer fluid bottle, contained within the front trunk area, is
filled with 1 liter of windshield fluid and pressurized to 36 psi, same as
your slammed low profile tires (yey, I'm a part of the lower/don't lower
2. A tube carries the fluid up to your windshield wiper switch.
3. When you push the washer button on your wiper switch, fluid flows
through the switch and up to the sprayer in front of your windshield.
4. Fluid is sprayed!

Yes, you read right, fluid goes through the actual switch.  While this
seems to me to be an insane design, I've never seen the switch fail because
of this.  Hmmmm, weird.

Here are the common failures in the system, as I have experienced:
0. Bottle not pressurized.  Duh!
1. Fluid tube is severed somewhere along its length, causing fluid to spill
out and depressurize the system.
2. The wash bottle itself can not hold pressure, usually the cap or the
connection to the tube are cracked somewhere.

Interestingly to note is that Bug windshield bottles were pressurized from
the spare tire, leaving many owners stranded when they got a flat due to
neglect.  They could see real well, though...

I personally never use the system, prefer to just clean my windshield by
hand, but it works...

Everett Barnes

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