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Suggestions, Please!

Hi List Members:

  After a long search, I finally purchased the Squareback I have
  been looking for.  It's a 1970, and I should have it sometime
  the first few weeks of January (It has to be shipped from Calif.
  to Houston). 

  I do have a few questions and I need input on this from you 
  all so I don't mess things up.  Here are the questions. I'd
  like to get it right the first time:

  1. This Square has almost NO RUST on it! There are 2 spots
     on hood (about the size of 1/2 dollar, and one of equal
     size right under the windsheild surround.  Once the 
     square arrives, I will inspect closer.  However, the pan
     is fully intact, no rust at all, (even under the battery).
     I want to preserve this car. What is suggested to achieve
     my goal? What would YOU do? 

  2. It is currently "Diamond Blue" (Baby Blue) with a black
     interior.  I would LOVE to make this car into a "Champagne
     Edition" with a entirely new interior.  I will probably
     have a body shop that specializes in auto restorations 
     do the paint work, but how far will I have to disassemble
     this auto?  I figured that the entire interior will have
     to be removed, how about glass?  I will try to do most
     of the disassembly myself.  Will I have to remove the 
     fenders too?  What parts should I be especially carefull
     with? (Read: NLA) 

  3. The first thing I will do with this auto is have it 
     inspected (fuel lines, too!) before I drive it around.
     I hope to use it as a semi-daily driver/weekend show car
     But after I determine that's it safe to drive and the 
     mechanicals are in good shape, where do I start?  And
     since there is no rust, is a "frame off" job really 
     needed here?  The engine (1600 FI) was totally rebuilt
     last summer by a VW specialty house last summer, the 
     trans (automatic) was done last spring. 

  4. Is there anything special about the 70' model? I know
     this was the first year of a mild redesign.  

    I have really enjoyed the discussion on this list, all have
    lots to contribute, and I feel I have learned so much here.
    So anybody who feels like offering any suggestions, please 
    do! BTW, I already have my Bentley and Haynes manuals. I
    am fairly decently mechanical.  

    Thanks in advance,

    Allen Moore

    70' Square (Yet to arrive)

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