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Re: Fuel Question??

On 10 Dec 97, SqrBack69 wrote:

> Ok..  there are only TWO possible wires I could have messed up on when I
> installed that new switch... there was a double-female end thingie that had
> two blue and white wires in it that I attached to a little box that is screwed
> into that piece of sheetmetal that is welded in place under the steering
> column..(phew...)..

This box is the fuel pump relay.  There should be exactly four wires 
connected to it: the two in the double female connector, and two red 
wires.  The two red wire have to be connected to two of the three 
remaining terminals on the relay.  The red wire that comes from the 
fuse box goes to the terminal (of the three) that is somewhat removed 
from the other two.  The other red wire comes through the firewall 
and goes to either of the two terminals that are close to each other.

 the other wire was a black one that looked like it ripped
> from it's crimped-on connecter.. but it didn't look like the rest of the
> wires.. it was real skinny and black, and about two inches from the end there
> was a plastic donut thing that was part of the insultaion (sp??).. Like I
> said, it had been ripped apart from its connecter, so I put one on, and I
> plugged it into the only place that **LOOKED** as though it was missing
> something... (trust me.. I spent a looong time debating where it should go.. )

This sounds like the remains of the power wire to the dealer 
installed radio, some of them have that rubber donut on them,  I 
suspect that you just connected power directly from the fuse box to 
the fuel pump relay, and bypassed the realy.  Take it off on both 
ends and set it aside in case you ever need it for something.

> Those are the only two possibilities..  Another thing.. when I jumped the
> battery, the fuel pump didn't go on when the key was in the off posistion, but
> after I had the battery charged.. that's when it happened.. so maybe I
> connected the battery wires in the wrong order, I don't know..

The order didn't cause this problem, but for safety's sake there is a 
best order:  Always remove the battery's ground cable first and 
install that same cable last.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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