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Re: #*@$!!! MISS (kinda long)

On  8 Dec 97, progeny wrote:

> 	I've got a 72 Fastback, 1641 (w/approx 10k on it), 2bbl single weber,
> .009 dist...has been a perfect daily driver for God knows how long. 
> it's always run perfectly...until...back about Sept I took it off the
> road for about a month to drive the 66 I had...it sat (the 72) the whole
> time except for about once or twice a week I started it up and let it
> run for 20 min or so...never drove it for that time, just let it
> run...it always started up great...idled fine.  In mid Oct I sold the 66
> and put the 72 back on the road and it hasn't run as well
> since...there's a miss that no matter what I do, I can't get rid
> of...this is all I've done...
> since...it also blows what I believe to be oil (but real thin...kinda
> smells like gas) in little black splatters out the tail pipe when you
> rev it after sitting at idle for a few seconds.
> 	The past couple weeks have been the worst though...about two weeks ago,
> I noticed the rear of my car, on the corner where the tail pipe is, was
> all black...it had run terrible that morning to work (I was worried
> about making it there)...that weekend, I pulled it in the garage, did a
> compression check...between 140 and 144 on all four...plugs were fouled

Everything seems to point to the one thing you have not delt with: 
The carb.  All your symptoms are those of running too rich; I would 
check there first.  Have you checked your gas mileage lately?  This 
can be a VERY good diagnostic tool if you do it regularly.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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