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Re: Performance Upgrades

On  1 Dec 97, SqrBack69@aol.com wrote:

> Perhaps some of you can offer me some suggestions..  I have a stock '69
> Squareback with fuel injection (I think it's a 1500cc or a 1536cc. I don't
> know?) Anyway, I want to uprgade my engine so it's fast..  I'm not to good
> with the mechanics of the engine, so I don't know what I'd need to go with
> what.  So I want to make my engine into an 1835cc or a 1910cc, but I don't
> know th best route..  I was hoping somebody has done this and can offer some
> suggestions, like keeping fuel inj, or going to carbs, or what.  Also, are
> there turbo kits or anything out there made for t-3's?..  I called CB
> Performance and the Turbo Shop with no avail..  Anything in the form of help
> would be appreciated..

Study and learn everything you can about how your present car is 
supposed to run in it's stock condition.  How can you be sure that 
you're getting all you can out of it now unless you inderstand it in 
great detail?  If that is not fast enough for you just send all your 
money to <your favorite charity> now and that will get us quickly to 
the same end result.

Learn to crawl before you try to walk.
Learn to walk before you try to run.
Learn to run before you try to fly.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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