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Re: Fiberglass parts

Hepkats@aol.com wrote:
> Hi,
>         I was thinking about replacing the stock fenders and floor pans on my '65
> Notchback with fiberglass reproductions from a company called Innovations.
> Has anyone ever heard of this company or used their products? Are the
> fiberglass parts easy to install? Do they actually fit? Are there any other
> companies that specialize in fiberglass parts for type IIIs?
> lot's of questions,
> Gerry<hepkats@aol.com>


I purchased a set of the Inovations Rear fenders for my 65 Notch awhile
back and also a set of their speaker panels for my Bug. If you have
never worked with fiberglass parts before you may be in for a surprise.
I have never seen a fiberglass part from any company that did not need
extra work. Mold marks will need to be sanded down, pieces trimed to
fit, etc. The Rear fenders from Inovations will need to have tailight
mounting brackets fabricated and if my memory serves me someone on the
list had purchased a set of Inovations front fenders that needed
headlight assly mounting brackets fabricated. The parts from Inovations
are very well made, all hand laid fiberglass and not chopped. I have
been happy with all of the parts from Inovations and I don't have to
worry about rust, plus there easily fixed if damaged.

I think you may want to check with some of the people on the list or
NONA for some NOS or good used metal parts (they are still out there) if
fiberglass doesn't sound like your cup of tea. 

Dana Hall
65 Notch Sunroof
77 Beetle

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