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again considering 12v conversion

I am again considering the 12v conversion on my 6v '66 squareback. (366194145)

I think I will need quite a few parts, that may be hard to find.

Of course, I need a 12v generator that will fit.  What generator fits,
where can it be bought and how much can it be bought for?

The flywheel sounds like a huge problem by all accounts.  Machining of the
bellhousing, a new flywheel, and a new starter?  And most people do not
even do this because the 6v starter works well at 12v?

I suppose I can get all the lights at my FLAPS.  I think there are
about 12 instrument lamps in the dash, one interior light, and all the
outside lights can be replaced with 115x's.  Headlights are easy enough.

What about the wiper motor?  The slow speed of my wipers and the
difficult starting of the engine are the two main reasons I want
to consider 12V.  I heard or read that there was a rheostat that
I can put in series with the switch.  True?  (I see p.118 in RMMW,
a wiper switch for $44.95).

New voltage regulator?  Which one?  

My carbs will be a problem, I guess:  Where can I get 12v chokes
and cutoffs for my 32PDSITs?  I couldn't even find stock 6v. ones!
(I see the cutoffs in RMMW but not choke heaters.  Does it matter?)

I already need a new turn signal / flasher relay. But all references
and the words of a few kind Type-3-listers, indicate that I should
have a 'black box', however, I have a Hella "Blue Box" with about
a jillion terminals.  I may have heard on the bus list that there
was such a blue box on 6volt '67 type2's.  At this point I do not
give a damn about 'stock', I just need to understand the function
of this electrical system so that I can fix it....


If I could get my lights brighters, my wipers faster, my starting more
reliable, and get my !@#$% infernal flasher relay to stop oscillating 
(which is driving me bananas) I probably would not be thinking about 
converting the car to 12v.

I realize that I've asked these questions before, but I am really stuck
in the decision making process.

I keep thinking that if I change the battery cable, clean the contacts
on the VR, change the generator brushes, install the starter relay, 
run an auxilliary wire from the wiper motor or switch to a strong V+,
and replace the flasher relay, and tighten the belt, that all my electrical
problems will go away.  Won't they?

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