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Re: I can't afford to fix FI

There's not really an easy way to break this news to you, but in today's
world of so called "mechanics" on every corner, ONLY YOU can afford to
fix your fuel injection.  The local mechanic and /or dealer are NOT the
only source for parts.  If you attend any of the VW shows, you will find
people who have the parts you need.  There are also many sources on this
very mailing list.  Some examples I have seen so far:

1.  Keith Park and (correct me if I'm wrong) Jim Adney are always
searching for parts, fuel injection heartily included.  Good deal of the
week - a working pressure sensor from Keith, $40.00;  Rocky MTN
motorworks price for a new one $256.00 in their Fall '97 catalog, and
BTW, they're not available.

2.  I saw a dude at a VW show swap meet that had literally PILES of
ECU's ("brains") for type III's, for $15.00 apiece.  You would have to
know which one you need (which I didn't at the time) and take your
chances with this LOW failure item.  I, fool that I am, never called the
guy back because I couldn't justify it at the time.  I WILL be hunting
this guy down with the help of a friend who lives in his area, now that
I can afford to buy more than one.  I'll post this to the list
immediately after I get in touch with this guy.  Rocky mountain price,
for comparison - $543.60 for my '71.

3.  Engine temperature sensor - $21.10 for the 0 280 130 012,  $32.95
for the 0 280 130 006  in the rocky mountain catalog,  I'm certain this
price can be beat.  Have your mechanic show you his price list, he's
surely marking that up.

I think you are on the right path, asking the list and getting several
opinions.  All the typical mechanic is going to do is scratch his head
and ass alternately because he probably doesn't have any more of a clue
than you do, AT THIS POINT.  What you should do is get the manual,
either Bentley or a Bosch-specific fuel injection book (also available
from bentley) or even the Muir 'idiots' manual and take the time to do
some research.  You will probably discover that the problem may be far
simpler than you imagined.  It may also be FREE, like a poorly adjusted
throttle valve switch, a loose hose, or a simple vacuum leak.  At any
rate, you will know what is going on with your engine, even if you do
decide to take it back to your mechanic to do the work.

  Okay, I'm done.

Jake "Fuel injection haters and fearers BACK OFF" Kooser

'71 Squareback (the little girl, fuel injected 'til the bitter end)
'66 Type I roadster (the project, someday fuel injected with
'73 zooper beetle (Barney, the unfortunate cause of my carburetor

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