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Re: brake line replacement

On 30 Nov 97, Richard Mason wrote:

> Everyday with a VW is a learning experience.  I received my new master
> cylinder and installed it.  Jim was absolutely right: the originals with
> three brake switches are not readily available so what I got for $80 was a
> two switch typeIII master just like the one that was already in it.
> Unfortunately, the master cylinder was not the problem.  After trying to
> bleed the brakes for a few minutes with no success on the rear, I got down
> on my hands in the front seat and felt the enormous puddle of fluid that ws
> leaking out of my rusted brake line.  What a mess!  I ordered a replacement
> froom RMM.  It looks like such a pain to replace.  I know the interior must
> come out.  Any other pointers from there?

Keep in mind that standard brakefluid will eat paint and many other 
things.  This is a major cause of rust in the pedal area.  The brake 
like you ordered will probably be about 1" too short.  If it is not, 
I definitely want to hear about it.  I had SST replacememt lines made 
up a few years ago after getting tired of the extra hassel of dealing 
with lines that were too short.  Yes, putting in one of these lines 
is one of my least favorite jobs.

As a start, remove the driver's seat, thecarpet from that side, the 
kidk plate, and the pedal cluster.  Use a sponge and water to clean 
up all the old fluid.  Take this opportunity to vacuum out all the 
dirt that has accumulated there.

       Melissa Kepner                                    Jim Adney
                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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