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foot well speaker panels

hi cooper 

sorry i didnt say front foot wells. you can see there ad in hot vws. look
for the ad index in the back of the mag and look up innovations and it will
give you a page no. they usually have a picture of the location for the
front speakers. also ive got a set on my xmas wish list. so if you can wait
till after xmas ill let you know how they fit;) if santa cares that is! also
they have a catalog for i believe 4.00 for more info. for the rear go to
speaker enclosures for the clean look and you can have them custom covered
by your local upholstery shop to match your interior. 

as for the radio in the glove box you will need to remove the cardboard
insert and make up a plate to mount your stereo. there is not enough depth
for a standard stereo. i found out  already!! bad part is you loose your
glovebox. what im in the process of doing with mine is getting my glovebox
back and i found a stock radio plate that someone had already cut up and cut
it up some more and installed my removable face plate stereo. now i dont
have to reach clear across my car to tune in the tunes. safer in traffic
too.  in my bug its in the box cause i wont cut my dash. plus easy install
and looks trick. your decision on which route to go? later and good luck
Jonce strtbug@ibm.net

94probe back from the repair shop tomarrow finally

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