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Re: speaker mounting

On 11/25/96 Cooper Melton wrote...

 Is it anything that would work in a squareback
(i.e. no parcel shelf or space under rear window- just rear hatch area?)

I have a '70 Sqback that I wanted more speakers in the rear, but didn't want do much damage to the car, so I built a box that 
would fit in the space behind the rear seat.  If you look at how the seat leans back just visualize a box filling in that area.  The top 
of the box was angled about 45 degrees back starting at the top of the rear seat and only about 4 inches deep.  Then 
straight down.  Then the base was about 9 inches back toward the front and then back to the top matching the angle of the rear 
seat.  Thus filling  in the space behind the seat.  It really only steals a little bit of space.

In the box I put two 6 inch woofers, two 4 inch midrange and two 2 inch tweeters.  The tweeters are mounted on the angled 
top and the others on the rear facing aft.  I also put a 100watt amp in the box with a cross over.  The sound bounces off the 
rear hatch and foward with out any problem.

In case I need that space I put a plug on it.  That way I unplug the box and take it out.  The plug as enough connections to run 
power and signal to the amp.  I ran the wires under the kick plate for the drivers door into the rear battery compartment and the 
plug comes out of the small gap between the seat and the rear wheel wells.  I also put a seperate volume control on my center 
column so that I could turn the thing up or down depending on if people were in the back seat.

Anyway just thought I would share my little bit...

Craig Woolston
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
'70 Sqback
'71 Fastback

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