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Re: speaker mounting

	I have a set of Innovations in my 69 KG and they do work very well.  The
only thing bad I have to say about them is: they do need to be reinforced
where the speaker mounts (I have about 60 watts going to a set of MB
quarts/218.02QX).  I should have cut a piece of 1/4" plywood and siliconed
it on in that section and then cut the hole out for the speakers.  I might
port the panels in the future because I'm think that the speakers were
designed for a door mounted layout.  Peace.


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> From: Street Bugs <strtbug@ibm.net>
> To: type-3@umich.edu
> Subject: speaker mounting
> Date: Monday, November 25, 1996 8:06 PM
> hi doug 
> try innovations in fiberglass in Phoenix AZ ph#602-377-0104 .  they have
> type-3 speaker panels for 39.00 per set and they work pretty good. also
> there not that cheap plastic. ive got a pair in a 66 bug and they throw
> music in your face. if you do get them they have raw edges and so you
> have to cover them or just trim or paint them. i personally put a item
> called compact windlace around the out side edges to give it a finished
> look. you can pick up compact windlace at any upholstery shop that deals
> with automotive. its the same stuff that holds your headliner in around
> doors. good luck Jonce strtbug@ibm.net
> 66bug 
> 66square 
> 56single
> 86vanagon
> 92jetta
> 94probe still being fixed(wrecked)

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