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Re: FI problems

     From your note:
Okay, now I'm confused.  The cold start temp switch is the size of a walnut 
with a 1/4" male spade lug sticking out its top.  The cylinder head temp 
sensor is smaller than a dime and has a long wire with a 1/4" female spade 
connector on the end.  I don't see how one could replace the other???  What 
am I missing here?

There are 3 temp sensors: #1 engine temp sens on head (2500 ohms cold)
for reading of engine temp.

#2 air temp sens on the intake air dist (2 lead plug 300 ohms cold). earlier
ones were mounted on the top with the vacuum hose for press sens on the bottom.
late ones were on the bottom when they moved the hose to top to keep the press
sens from filling with oil.

#3 is just a temp switch (walnut thing) that turns on the cold start injector
below a certain temp, doesn't control anything else.

The #2 and cold injector both have 2 pole sockets on them and thier wires from
the loom are about the same length.  can  be swapped easily.  

If this is done the control unit will thing the engine is warm all the time as
the resistance of the injector is low; resultintg in poor cold idle. the control
unit isn't going to get anywhere trying to use the cold start switch as injector eather!
     The 68-9 had some other clap trap hung under there that I've never had to
fart with though.

Hope this helps;  Keith

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