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FI problems

I recently had a '71 Fastback, all stock with fuel injection not pass the California smog test.  The car was over the limit at the high 
RPM's (2500) in CO but fine at the idle test.  I thought it seem to be running rich and so I replaced the Head temperature sensor 
even though it seem to check out okay with a ohmmeter.  Well I took it back to have it re-tested and now it is fine at the high RPM 
test but no longer passes at  idle.  It seems to be running rich at idle.  I says this because in the morning when I start the car the 
engine idle is very high (1500+ rpm), but as the car warms up the idle comes down (700-800 rpm).  The idle screws needs to be 
set at this particular setting so that the car doesn't stall when warmed up and at a stop sign.  But this setting is much too high for 
first startup.

So questions I have...

1) Is there anyway for me to check that a particular sensor is actually the correct part number for my model/year car other than 
the partsman say so?

2) Does any one have an idea what the most likely compontent of the system is causing my high smog output? The car pass 
fine 2 years ago, has a fairly new engine and is tuned up.

3) Is there an explanation for the head temperature appearing to be fine with a ohmmeter but a new one causing a different 
problem in the car? 

4) What would cause the idle to change so drastically with engine temperature?

Thanks in advance.
Craig Woolston
Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

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