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        I am trying to decide what is the best year of Haynes Type3 manual to buy and use as a reference for my SP2.  I guess the best way to do this is to find out which year it has the most in common with and go from there.

SP2 Model year 1975

Bore: 88.0mm
Piston stroke: 69.0
Capacity: 1,678cc
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Valves gap (intake/exhaust) : 0.15mm
Maximum Output: 75hp at 5000prm
Idle speed: 850-950
Lubrication: pressure feed lubrication by gear pump and oil cooler
Oil sump capacity: 2.5 liters
Fuel feeding: mechanical fuel pump
Carbs: two downdraught jets Solex 34DPSIT with accelerating pump
Battery,starter,alternator: 12V-0.7hp with voltage regulator, 14 volts, 35A max.
Distributor: automatic advance (vacuum)
Firing order: 1432
Ignition timing: 10 before dead top center
Breaker points gap: 0.4mm
Spark plugs: Bosch  W145 t1
Spark plug thread: m 14x1.25

Type: single dry disk with 10 to 20mm pedal freeplay


Gear box : 4 forward gears, synchro mesh and 1 reverse
Transmission ratio: 1st - 1:3.80
                                     3rd -1:1.32
                                     4th -1:0.89
                                     reverse- 1:3.88
Differential ratio:1:3.875


Front suspension: 2 torsion bars with stabilizer
Rear suspension: 2 torsion bars (cylindrical) with compensating bar
Shock absorbers: telescopic double action front and rear 
Worm and roller steering with hidraulic shock absorber
Wheel base: 2400mm
Convergance (car unloaded) front wheels: 2 to 4.5 mm ( can someone explain what convergance is in laymans terms)
Main brake : hydralic operating on four wheels Front disk  Rear drum
Hand brake mechanical operating on the rear drums

Dimensions and weights

Lenght: 4217mm
Width: 1618mm
Road clearance: 149mm
Net weight: 890kg
Max load: 245kg
Gross weight: 1135kg
Max weight front axle: 500kg
                     rear axle : 670kg


Fuel tank 40 litres
Oil sump 2.5 l
Transmission 2.5 l
Steering gearbox 160cm3
Brake 0.45 l

        Some information that I have been able to gather says that the SP2 uses a standard production Variant platform with a Z-bar compensating spring to reduce the roll rate and the stock front suspension.  The car was introduced in 72 with two models available, the SP1 and SP2. The SP1 was a stripped down version which didn't  make it past the first year.  The SP2 had only 75hp so acceleration is not quick, around 19 seconds for 0-60mph, and a top speed of 100mph (I still havent decided on whether to keep it stock, or boost these numbers. What do you think?).

        Anyway, if you could suggest a good year of Haynes or any other good books that would help, it would be appreciated.

Matthew Slattery

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