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Re: VW SP2


        I was doing some electrical work for a bonded shipping company that was moving their warehousing, and there was this big crate with a car in it that they didn't want to move to the new warehouse, as the owner had not paid the storage and shipping fees. They offered the car to whom ever wanted it for $100.00 (Canadian) :-0  I was the only one willing to take this "kit car" (or so I thought) off their hands. Anyway, I had to get it home, which cost about $150.00 as I lived an hour away, and then I had to have the car clear customs (it came from Trinidad), so all in all it cost around $300.00 to buy and register. Since then I have been doing some reading and digging for information to start what I hope will be an excellent restoration.

                                                                                        Matthew Slattery

>Where, or how, did you aquire the SP2?  Would you mind saying how much you paid 
>for it?
>     Toby Erkson
>     air_cooled_nut@pobox.com
>     modified '72 Squareback 2.0L
>     stock '75 Porsche 914 1.8L
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>Subject: VW SP2
>Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
>Date:    10/25/96 11:33 PM
>First off I'd like to say this has been great for information and that I=
> think it's cool everyone is right into this(except that one guy). I'm sort=
> of a virgin at this aircooled thing (previously an 84 Jetta GLI 2-door in=
> mars red , which I wish I still had, and currently a 94 GTI that I love to=
> drive), however I am very determined to learn all I can and do a proper=
> restoration on my VW, which is where you all come in. I recently started=
> gathering information on my 75 SP2 in order to help me in the restoration=
> process. The car has been substancially changed from original, in that it=
> has been changed over to right hand drive from left and had a very poor=
> interior installed(to say nothing for the ford dash that was put in it! THE=
> SAVAGES!), so I need information.  Most people  I have spoke with have not =
> even heard of an SP2 let alone seen one (if you haven't, go to the " a=
> variation on a theme " on Greg's Type-3 Web page) so it has been difficult=
> digging up pictures and parts so I can restore it to original. If you have=
> any information, pictures, SP2 parts and even words of encouragement ( I=
> think thats the right spelling! ) let me know.=20
>Matthew Slattery
>75 SP2
>94 GTI (dont give me any of this it's not a real VW shit! it's still a fun=
> car at a great price which is what they have always been about).

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