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Re: VW SP2

Where, or how, did you aquire the SP2?  Would you mind saying how much you paid 
for it?

     Toby Erkson
     modified '72 Squareback 2.0L
     stock '75 Porsche 914 1.8L

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Subject: VW SP2
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    10/25/96 11:33 PM

First off I'd like to say this has been great for information and that I=
 think it's cool everyone is right into this(except that one guy). I'm sort=
 of a virgin at this aircooled thing (previously an 84 Jetta GLI 2-door in=
 mars red , which I wish I still had, and currently a 94 GTI that I love to=
 drive), however I am very determined to learn all I can and do a proper=
 restoration on my VW, which is where you all come in. I recently started=
 gathering information on my 75 SP2 in order to help me in the restoration=
 process. The car has been substancially changed from original, in that it=
 has been changed over to right hand drive from left and had a very poor=
 interior installed(to say nothing for the ford dash that was put in it! THE=
 SAVAGES!), so I need information.  Most people  I have spoke with have not =
 even heard of an SP2 let alone seen one (if you haven't, go to the " a=
 variation on a theme " on Greg's Type-3 Web page) so it has been difficult=
 digging up pictures and parts so I can restore it to original. If you have=
 any information, pictures, SP2 parts and even words of encouragement ( I=
 think thats the right spelling! ) let me know.=20

Matthew Slattery

75 SP2
94 GTI (dont give me any of this it's not a real VW shit! it's still a fun=
 car at a great price which is what they have always been about).

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