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re: Type 3 Inertia Reel Seat Belts

Cooper Norman Melton <cnm4x@palladio.arch.virginia.edu> Wrote:
| Inertia-reel three-point seat belts are the 
| lap-and-shoulder (ooh,
| more hyphens) seat belts your T3 has had since birth.  The 
| inertia reel
| refers to the snazzy gizmo that tightens the belt in an 
| accident and makes
| it do its job, holding you in place; your inertia 
| activates some thingy
| (the reel, perhaps?) that locks the belt in place, hence 
| the name.  You
| can test this by pulling on it really quickly and seeing 
| it lock up
| (assuming they're in good working order, one would hope!).
| Hope that helps, brotha-man.
| Coop

Cooper-Dude and Gang,

Well, I'm afraid I've never seen one in a Type 3. Factory equipment that is.  
(Maybe I should get out more!!!)  I know what an inertia-reel seat belt is and 
how it works as I have them in my daily driver.  My Type 3s weren't born, they 
were hatched.  Hatched as part of a plan to takeover the world  <Sinister 
Grin> HA HA HA.

I was down at a VW shop and asked them about installing inertia-reel belts and 
they said they weren't made for us down under and would need to 
do-a-bit-of-welding (here we go with more hyphens!!) to get one to fit 
properly otherwise it would sit at an angle.

But if you guys over there in the land of the free got them, it's pretty 
obvious they exist.  By the way, where not giving your President back until we 
get a shipload of them and a lot of other stuff.  Just kidding!! :)


'72 Notch
'73 Square
'83 Sigma

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