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re: Stupid T3 tricks

Hey Everybody,

One thing that I did that alleviated all anxiety associated with this
inevitable event is I bought at Sears a magnet mounted on a telescopic wand.
I think that it is called a mechanic's magnet.  Saved my life a few times.
Besides pulling the nut out of the air intake, I have used it for finding
the spring clip in the tunnel, checking to see if that washer that fell fell
into the engine block (it didn't) and pulling out the odd washer/nut that
had fallen into the Super Beetle's dash.  Not bad for a $6 magnet.

Just my $0.02

John '65 1500s Variant

>You only do it once.  (4 or 5 times!!!  Is Homer Simpson doing this?)  After 
>that you tend to take the following precautions:
>1. make sure you have plenty of room to work in (well as much as you can in 
>the limited space);
>2. make sure any possible tools you need are in arms reach (its a pain holding 
>five shims and needs that spanner 3 metres away);
>3. Don't take your hand away from the Gen. until you have all the shims held 
>by the hand your taking them off with or the hand your holding it together 
>and the most important thing
>4.  Make sure you have someone with flexible small arms that can retrieve 
>!@#$%^&* shims when the inevitable happens.

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