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Type 3 Inertia Reel Seat Belts and flasher lights

>I'm just reading a copy of an article which was in one of the newsletters from 
>our National Type 3 Register (1994) relating to the '73 Type Fastback which 
>now has a brother, The Basic Compact.  (According to the article a cut down 
>version of the deluxe fastback) 

So the Basic Compact was just a stripped down version of the fastback.  I 
was not sure exactly what it was, even though I was watching at the time, I 
don't think I ever saw one then, but I had a customer ten years ago that had 
one that probably fits that description.

>Extract as follows:
>"VW's Type 3 cars come equipped with four-on-the-floor transmissions as 
>standard equipment, with optional three-speed automatic shift for the sedan 
>and Square-back.  Self-adjusting front disc brakes, flow-through ventilation, 
>bucket seats and inertia-reel three-point seat belts."

The three speed fully automatic transmission was introduced in mid 68, but 
it was not introduced with the fuel injected engine until 69.  All disk 
brakes are self adjusting.  Flow through ventilation refers to the three 
louvers on each side of the rear window that show up on 71-on cars (even 
Beetles.)  All type IIIs have bucket front seats.

Safety requirements differ widely for different markets.  In the US, three 
point belts were introduced with the 68s (2 point rears) and 3 point 
inertial reels were installed in the 72-3s (2 point inertial rears.)

>Has anyone ever seen any of these so called "inertia-reel three-point seat 
>belts?"  I can't say I have.  I even asked about them at one of the local 
>shops months ago and was led to believe nothing like this existed.  Of course 
>if anyone can shed some light, let's hear it.

>Article also says:
>"....The emergency 4-way flasher is permanently illuminated so it can be found 
>quickly, even at night."

This was for 73 only.  It is done by a tiny resistor actually soldered to 
the push-on lugs of the emergency flasher (or is it the headlight?) switch.  
I believe there was no change of part number so this part would probably 
retrofit some earlier cars.  It glows dimly and can be easily seen at night.

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