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We don need no stinkin heater...

>Have you tried to open a window as your driving?  It sounds crazy, but
>VW says (said) to slightly open a window (rear pop-out if you got 'em)
>to allow the cool air to escape and be replaced with the system's warm
>air.  I've tried it and it works.

This works; I open my vent window.  At speed, the flow of air over the 
window causes a partial vacuum inside the car, and this helps draw heated 
air into the cabin.

>Otherwise, check your hoses (you know the ones from the fan housing to
>the heaterboxes) for holes or other air leaks. Then time to get a little
>dirty, check the hoses from the heaterboxes to the cab. Close up all the
>holes you find.  THEN, (we ain't done yet!) check the hoses under the
>back seat, AND how's your rocker panels under the doors? You know the
>"heater channels"?  Now check that your levers (or knobs, depending on
>how old), do the cables move?  Are they connected to the heaterboxes? Do
>the heaterbox levers move? Are the flaps INSIDE the heaterboxes moving?

You should also make sure that you have the 1" dia aux air hoses in place.  
If these are missing it is possible that the temp regulator thermostats 
(inside the junction boxes at the body end of the large hoses that connect 
the heat exchangers to the body) have been damaged by overtemp.

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