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Re: We don need no stinkin heater...

Yes, I've known about the open window trick for years.  It also keeps 
the windows from getting really fogged up.  My heating system is in top 
shape, in fact, the hoses that deliver the air from the fan housing to 
the heat exchangers are custom designed by myself and they can be 
considered bulletproof (they won't need to be replaced for the life of 
the engine)!  I forgot about the thermostats -- I removed mine.  I read 
that they control the temperature of the air entering the cabin so it 
stays around 70 degrees F (those clever Germans!).  I'm not a heavy 
person and I need all the heat I can get soooo...I removed the 
thermostat bellows and epoxied the flaps (steel impregnated epoxy) over 
the opening so NO outside air could enter into the system, thus I get 
maximum heat into the cabin.  After two years of use I have experience 
no problems.

As for those engine cooling flaps, keep 'em on your engine unless you do full on
racing.  For the life of my 1641cc I never had them and those cold morning warm 
ups would take several minutes.  My new 2.0L has the flaps on it and she warms 
up much more quickly.  Also, these flaps are needed due to the different 
expansion rates of the metals in the engine.  These flaps are more important 
than most realize and shouldn't be removed or tampered with, just maintained.  
Don't let ANY mechanic try to tell you otherwise!!  I have a sneaking suspicion 
that the absence of my engine cooling flaps were a contributing factor to the 
death of my last engine.
        Toby Erkson
        modified '72 VW Squareback 2.0L
        stock '75 Porsche 914 1.8L

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Subject: We don need no stinkin heater...
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    10/19/96 5:49 PM

     Those narrow pipes are controlled by thermostats... they let cool 
in if the heater gets too hot.  I've removed the two small thermostats
near the body, along with the small cooling tubes.  Need all the heat I
can get!  (Note, I'm not talking about the useful thermostat that
the engine cooling flaps; the DPO removed those...:(  )

'71 squareback
'63 Beetle

HEATER? Heater!

We don need no stinkin heater...

Just kiddin' guys.

Have you tried to open a window as your driving?  It sounds crazy, but
VW says (said) to slightly open a window (rear pop-out if you got 'em)
to allow the cool air to escape and be replaced with the system's warm
air.  I've tried it and it works.

Otherwise, check your hoses (you know the ones from the fan housing to
the heaterboxes) for holes or other air leaks. Then time to get a little
dirty, check the hoses from the heaterboxes to the cab. Close up all the
holes you find.  THEN, (we ain't done yet!) check the hoses under the
back seat, AND how's your rocker panels under the doors? You know the
"heater channels"?  Now check that your levers (or knobs, depending on
how old), do the cables move?  Are they connected to the heaterboxes? Do
the heaterbox levers move? Are the flaps INSIDE the heaterboxes moving?
(It HAS happened!)

NOW try it.

Just MY 2 cents worth. :)

Big Al

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