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Re: Seat belts and heat

>Speaking of snow, I was reminded of how the T3 heating system is lacking 
>(Northerners, I feel for ya!).  A friend at work suggested engineering a water 
>circulation system around the exhaust system.  I was thinking of putting 
>tubing across the top of the engine, through the firewall and another radiator 
>into the cabin, somewhere.  Fill with water and add a water pump (maybe a fish 
>tank one?).  Or, same setup but pump air from the cabin into the tubing 
with the
>exit pipe into the cabin.  I don't know, any ideas?

None of this will get you anywhere.  A proper heat exchanger into water 
requires more that just a bit of copper tubing, and the pump to pump the 
water needs to be a REAL pump.  I suspect the waterpumps on a water cooled 
car consume a couple of horsepower; that's more than your generator puts out.

Because of the low specific heat of air, heat transfer via air requires that 
a lot of air be moved.  The VW system is pretty well thought out; it's just 
that when the body rusts out, the warm air never makes it to the cabin.

When these were new, their heaters worked pretty well.

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