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re: p pop POP p p


I think you've hit the nail on the head.  I've only ever seen a popping occur 
with an exhaust system leak.  And your recommendation is right on.  However, 
if you only have one person to find the leak you could always "rig" a chunk of 
rope on the accelerator cable where it goes out to the carburetors (Not sure 
for FI) and use that.

Not everyone has that helper available all the time.  I'm not sure about the 
fuel economy loss though.  My Notch has the same problem, but I still get 
33mpg (country cycle).

Food for thought.


'72 Notch
'73 Square
'83 Sigma

"Alan W. Presley" <awpresley@earthlink.net> Wrote:
| Doug, Chris, Emily and everyone else,
| Is this what you hear?
| small pops and then a BIG one or more?
| My problem was a leaky exhaust system.  Either the 
| gaskets, the muffler
| has a hole (even a small one), or the connection from the 
| muffler to the
| tailpipe is loose.  Usually you can get under the engine 
| and look for a
| lot of black carbon around any joints or connectors to the 
| exhaust.  If
| not, you may have just found it.  Have someone hold the 
| accellerator
| pedal at around 2-3000 rpm and you get under and listen 
| for the
| put-put-put sound. If you find it, fix it. No good?  Then 
| try having
| your helper rev it up and release the accelerator pedal 
| and look and
| listen for the pop. (Don't get real close if the popping 
| was loud, it is
| an explosion remember?  Flame?) Same thing, find it and 
| fix it, seal it,
| replace it, whatever works. Buy a new gasket. Buy a new 
| system if it's
| REALLY bad.  If you are (or know someone) a welder, you 
| could seal the
| hole. 
| Don't wait for a long while to fix it, it will only get 
| worse and make
| your engine run worse.  You'll loose power and thereby gas 
| economy.
| There's MY 2 cents.  ;)
| Big Al
| awpresley@earthlink.net

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