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Re: p pop POP p p

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996, Alan W. Presley wrote:

> Doug, Chris, Emily and everyone else,
> Is this what you hear?
> small pops and then a BIG one or more?

In my case, it's one big bang, that incidentally, seems to get people's
attention!  A brief black cloud of smoke follows.  I'll check out my
exhaust and timing this weekend and if I solve it, I'll share it!

Thanks for all of the responses!
Doug H. 

> My problem was a leaky exhaust system.  Either the gaskets, the muffler
> has a hole (even a small one), or the connection from the muffler to the
> tailpipe is loose.  Usually you can get under the engine and look for a
> lot of black carbon around any joints or connectors to the exhaust.  If
> not, you may have just found it.  Have someone hold the accellerator
> pedal at around 2-3000 rpm and you get under and listen for the
> put-put-put sound. If you find it, fix it. No good?  Then try having
> your helper rev it up and release the accelerator pedal and look and
> listen for the pop. (Don't get real close if the popping was loud, it is
> an explosion remember?  Flame?) Same thing, find it and fix it, seal it,
> replace it, whatever works. Buy a new gasket. Buy a new system if it's
> REALLY bad.  If you are (or know someone) a welder, you could seal the
> hole. 
> Don't wait for a long while to fix it, it will only get worse and make
> your engine run worse.  You'll loose power and thereby gas economy.
> There's MY 2 cents.  ;)
> Big Al
> awpresley@earthlink.net

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