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Re: Backfiring T3

On Thu, 14 Nov 1996, Douglas Henry wrote:

> year I've had a little problem with backfiring.  I'm a little ignorant on
> the causes of backfiring, and I was hoping for a little help on this.  It
> typically happens in second or third gear when I am accelerating and
> abruptly let off on the gas pedal to stop or pause for something.  I
> didn't have this problem before; here is a list of possibly relevant
> things that were changed when it was garaged:
> Is backfiring purely a timing problem, or can any of these changes
> contribute?  My plugs, I should say,  are typically black when I change
> them, I can't seem to get the timing right to avoid an over-rich fuel
> mixture. 

I'm encountering the same problem with my 73'. It's especially noticeable
while going downhill in gear and I take my foot off the accelerator. When 
I press in the clutch the backfiring stops! I've done a complete tune-up
(plugs, points, conden, rotor, dis cap, plug wies), valves, idle and dyn
timing. Post-tune up has resulted in a reduction in back-firing (on even
ground), but it's still backfiring on the down hill. At this point, I'm
attributing the problem to an "old age" engine (it's the original, was
rebuilt at 100K miles, now has 260K [yes that's 160K on a rebuild ... it's
amazing what a litle TLC will do]). I'm planning on another complete
rebuild and restoration next summer, til' then she doesn't get driven
around much.

Christopher M. Smith
San Diego SuperComputer Center
P.O. Box 85608 
San Diego, California 92186-9784
(619) 534-8370 (office)

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