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re: heat!

On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, Graham Thomas wrote:

> > As usual, Dave, you are da MAN!  I hadn't realized those knobs
> > controlled the windshield vents too.  I've always wondered why I
> Ok, for proper defrosting according to the owner's manual, close both
> front floor vents, the ones by your feet. Open the windshield vent (upper
> knob), pull up both levers. The right one is temperature, the left one is
> on off for the front floor/dash vents. Closing the floor vents diverts
> all air to the windshild.
> It took me a while to figure out this mess too... 

Just one little addition from me for people with later T3's:

On my '71 SQB the levers by the e-brake are like this:  The right brings
heat (opens the flaps back at the heat exchangers). 
The left one controls the the heater flap-type openings under
the rear seat only (for rear cabin heat).  According to my owner's
manual, the optimum defrosting of the windshield will be if the right one
is up, but the left is down.  As Graham said, you'll also want to close
the floor vents up front.  I've also found that a product called Anti-fog
from Rain-X helps a lot, but when summer came the stuff seemed to dry to
this hazy stuff that I had to clean off the inner surface of my windshield
every three weeks or so.  All in all, it was worth it to have it on all
winter (no scraping of the outside *and* inside of the windshield in the

Just my 2 cents,

Doug H.
'71 Squareback

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