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I know this sounds silly, but we finally figured out how the heat works in our
'71 Squareback!  We were getting heat from the rear seat vents, front feet
vents and wisps of heat up on the windshield, but we were always getting cold
blasts along with it.  This last weekend, on the way to church, Diane was
driving and I started fiddling with the controls on the dash.  We determined we
had 2 areas of warm air and 2 of cold air.  I played with the two knobs near
the fresh air vents and found that each one turned off half the cold air vents
at the base of the windshield...

I mean, we've only only the car for 2 years and made a 1000 mile round trip
with it last Christmas and we *finally* figure out how to keep the interior
warm in the winter!  Hey, at least it means there are no more gaping holes
letting air in and that the heating system is basically functional.

Other than that revelation, we haven't had to do much to the Squareback, which
is nice.  I have a diesel engine swap I have to attend to (79 Rabbit to 85
Jetta) so I don't need more work right now.

Dave Burden			| 1924 Studebaker Special Six Touring Car       
Digital Equipment Corporation   | 1926 Studebaker Estate Wagon (hearse w/seats)
Alpharetta, GA                  | 1957 BMW Isetta 300 convertible
burden_d@warlrd.enet.dec.com    | 1971 VW Squareback

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