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Re:34 ICT's

Marty Gray,

Glad to hear you got your fastback together.

Just a warning for you and other ex-fuel-injected T-3's...


and remove the FI relay under the back seat ( opposite side from the 
battery, next to the rear defogger relay.) to be sure.  

I had a '71 that the previous owner did the change and did not do 
this.  An electrical fire started a few weeks later when the bare 
connectors found ground.  A simple wiring diagram can tell you which 
wire to pull from the fusebox, I forgot which one it was, but I can 
look it up if someone needs it.

Personally, I would have kept the FI and tried to repair it first.  
The new dual 34's have such a short intake manifold, it WILL run rough 
at idle.  It will smooth out as soon as you hit 2000 rpm. Since I ran 
it as a daily driver, I got sick of it shaking at every stop light or 
sign.  The problem is that at idle the vacuum is not strong enough to 
pull the atomized gas down into both of the cylinders(on each side) 
and as on mine, only cylinders 1 and 3 got gas at idle.  As soon as I 
hit the accelerator, all cylinders got gas and fired. A set of dual 
2-barrel carbs might help? maybe?  

Hope this helps.

Big Al

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