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Re: T3 mystery

You need to supply more info on your vehicle!  My first guess is your T3 is FI. 
My experience with carbs is the car just dies (lucky for me the two times it did
happen I was coasting up to the gas pump!).  I'm guessing FI due to the way the 
fuel pressurization system and how I think it would react given limited fuel.
     Toby Erkson
     modified '72 VW Squareback 2.0L
     stock '75 Porsche 914 1.8L

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Subject: T3 mystery
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    11/8/96 9:46 PM

I had a strange occurance today. I was coming home in my daily driver 
'71 square and I
began to run out of gas (yes, I'm getting senile).

I had just passed a sign saying the next exit on I-85 was 2 miles. 
I cursed and thought
I would never make it. But, instead of the car sputtering and losing 
power as expected,
it seemed to just slow down; like it was running of a couple of cylinders.

I kept the engine revs up since I knew if it died, I would never get 
it started again. I
did this for the next 2 miles, got off at the exit and drove about 
another 1/2 mile to
the station. When I pulled up to the pump, it sounded like it was 
running on one
cylinder and the exaust smelled like it was running super rich.

After I filled-up, it ran normal.

Has anyone else had this experience when running out of gas?

Steve B.

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