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Re: rebushing my carb: is it a good idea?

>> Nevertheless, if your throttle shaft bores are worn, RIMCO will fix
>> them up nicely for a very reasonable price.
>OK, so I've been reading about RIMCO for the last couple of days and I'm
>interested in getting my 2 yr-old stock carb's throttle shaft fixed,
>once and for all.  Could you tell the group who/where/what is RIMCO
>(phone number, where are they)?  Is this a situation where I would have
>to ship my carb and they'd ship it back?  If they need to tear down the
>carb anyway, would they be rebuilding the carb too?  I actually have a
>*couple* old carbs that could use this kind of attention!

Com'on now, your carb's 2 years old and you think it needs to be rebushed???

If your carb is really only 2 years old it doesn't need this; if that is a 
typo then okay.

RIMCO is is Santa Ana, CA.  Pick up a VW magazine and look for their ad.  
They have an 800 number.  I think they expect you to disassemble the carb 
and they will do their work; they are an automotive machine shop 
specializing in VW engine work.  I like them for case work and some of the 
other little bits they can do.  I prefer Gene Berg for work on cranks, rods, 
heads, etc.

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                             Laura Kepner-Adney
                             Madison, Wisconsin

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