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Re[3]: Reply to list?

There may be an alternative.  For those who have an internet browser check 
out -->  http://www.estinc.com/porsche/forums.html
This is for Porsche 914 enthusiasts.  I wandered a couple of newsgroups 
just to see what they are all about and I wasn't impressed -- way too much 
crap that didn't pertain to the subject.  I agree with Burgess.  However, 
the 914 forum (is this proper terminology?) is very different and I 
*really* like it.  It allows threading, like a news group, and allows 
individuals to subscribe to a particular subject/thread group.  Basically, 
when you subscribe to a subject group, whenever there is a posting to that 
particular group it will email the posting to you.  In essence it acts just 
like this mailing list.

So far the 914 forum has not had any problems with advertisers or bogus 
information.  Believe me, if ANY misinformation is posted people WILL 

My opinion is that this is the way we should be heading.  I really like the 
forum idea -- the only drawback I can see is you need to have a browser, 
initially, to subscribe to whatever groups you want or to see the threads.  
However, the way the technology is moving if one is getting email then that 
means they have a computer and a line to the outside world -- no excuses, 
get a browser, period.

I no longer have a home system; I use my one at work (wanna drool? 166MHz, 
two 1.6G hard drives, 8X CD-ROM, 20" NEC monitor, and a T-1 line (no modems 
here, baby!) are the basics) so I can not set up a forum and maintain it 
like I would like.  However, if there is someone out there who would like 
to start up this sort of thing I am willing to consider a possible 
partnership.  In fact, this mailing list could still be used, as any 
posting from the forum could automatically be sent to the type-3 mail list, 
which would still perform its function for those who aren't on the ball, 
er, don't have a browser ;)

Just an idea and my 3 cents,
     Toby Erkson
     You know the rest...

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Subject: Re: Reply to list?
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    11/7/96 10:23 PM

At 08:07 PM 11/7/96 -0600, Jim wrote: 
>I think what we really need is a type III newsgroup.


I disagree completely.  The beauty of a list is that you generally have some 
assurance that the subscribers are sincerely interested in the subject 
matter.  The signal to noise ratio is very attractive compared to a 
newsgroup.  Making people request inclusion, no matter how trivial the 
induction process, seems to discourage the cads and bounders.

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