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Re: Reply to list?

The reply function works well if you are using Netscape's email
program.  It includes the type-3 address as a CC:, and the original
sender as the "mail to".  You may be able to setup your email software
to choose the right return address automaticaly.

Greg Merritt wrote:
> Melissa & Jim wrote:
> > I did the same thing, but I have to remember to do it.  I believe the
> > original suggestion was to configure the list server (so Greg will have to
> > look into this) so that any messages it sends out get the following line
> > included in the header:
> >
> [good ideas deleted]
>         Yes!  These are all good ideas...
>         ...but, this isn't really a proper listserve, unfortunately. :(  It
> is little more than an email alias that bounces incoming messages to all
> subscribers, according to a list that I update "by hand."  The "Reply to:"
> situation seems to be the biggest drawback of the situation.  I mention
> this in the "Welcome to type-3!" message that I'm sending out to new
> members; hopefully this will help smooth things over.
>         If anyone out there has the resources to run a *proper* listserve,
> please drop me a line & I'll pass the torch. :)
> Your humble list maintainer,
> -Greg
> '71 squareback
> '63 Beetle

Dan Hirth

Raleigh, North Carolina

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