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Type 3 Parts Haul

Type 3ers,

I've just received a letter from my parents (nothing unusual there).  A friend 
of ours who Dad worked with is thinking of getting rid of his supply of Type 3 
bits.  Now before you all get excited.  From memory they are mainly Fastback 
pieces from late models.  I know one is complete but rusted big time.  His 
wife used to drive it but has been off the road for a while.  According to Dad 
the car fell apart.  I think it probably got sick of being driven badly and 
not looked after.  I think they also had either one or two other wrecks which 
sat around the house.  Not sure but think they might be Fastbacks as well.

Anyway, he was over at Dad's place the other day looking over the '72 Notch 
when Dad told him that I was looking to do up the Notch.  He indicated he was 
thinking of getting rid of all this junk (Junk! Really!!!) and would have a 
bit for here and a bit for there.  What would I like? Dad has asked.  Well, 
I've sent a short list back but a longer list is growing in my mind all the 
time.  Please note: Dad is still not aware of my recent purchase of a '73 
Squareback and all this extra bits and pieces might come in real handy if they 
are working.  However, having first option on them is like being given $20,000 
and told you can't leave the shop until you've spent it all.  I only need lots 
of boxes to put them in.  And room for lots of boxes to store them.

This is the same guy we took the Notch to just before we bought it.  I was 
really happy when he said that it was Ok but needed a little work.  But the 
number of parts which could be picked up pretty cheaply only adds fuel to my 

I'm still druelling from the shock.  Will let you all know what happens.  4 
weeks to D Day. (I'm on holidays in 4 weeks and driving home to do some work 
on the Notch!!)


'72 Notch
'73 Square
'83 Sigma

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