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T3 sheetmetal Blowout Sale

TYPE 3 SHEETMETAL BLOWOUT SALE!  prices are pickup only, Albany NY, but I will deliver to packing center if you pay packing and shipping, I'm just not equipped.

1)61-9 Notch LR, hit 6" in just below taillight, can be fixed with skill, 1
 hole front of quarter on bottom  $35.

2)70-3 LF ; 6" rust on bottom rear seam (where they all go), 1 qurater size hole
in headlight bucket (not outer skin) rest rust free!  small shallow dent above
end of bumper $75

3)70-3 decklid Square, rust/dent free, everything but lock there $40

4)61-9 decklid Notch, Bad shape, rust inside rear lip, really wavy $20

5)68-9 RF NOS slight surface rust, couple small dings $250

6)64-5  hood (will fit 61-9) surface rust inside lip, really freindly! $20

7)68-9 RF Small hole top corner, small dent in front, Skin o bondo on lower
rear section but doesn't look too bad from inside, some outer surface rust $30

8)68-9 RF  Bottom rear corner rotted off 3" up, rest solid, dent under headlight

9)64-5 1500 'S' front set, rust in all the regular places, basically straight,
rebuildable. $20/pair.

10) 70-3 Rears L&R rust free, $40-$75 each.

11) Doors, rust free, $50 each.

12) 70-3 LF, rusty but will hold a headlight and signal, FREE!

Please Email parkkj@crd.ge.com

Thanks!  Keith

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