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Our Fastback saga [VERY LONG]

This summer my husband spun the wheels on our '88 Grand Wagoneer and broke
the rear end. Since we had just put about $1000 into the Jeep and with gas
prices soaring we figured it was time to buy a second car. As the jeep was
used as a daily commuter with a round trip of 60 miles which turned out to
cost almost $400 a month in GAS!!

Anyway, I wanted a convertible, automatic, all power something and my
husband wanted a VW, more specifically a Type III.   Funds were tight and we
didn't want to spend over $2000 for a car, but needed something that could
be driven everyday 60 miles round trip.

We looked at all kinds of cars and for $2000 well you pretty much get what
you pay for.  They all looked like junk and seemed as thou they would barely
make it home.  

We finally found a car I could be happy with! A '71 Fastback.  I test drove
it since I was to be the daily driver, felt good...sturdy...of course my
husband asked all the appropriate questions...when was the last time it was
registered...did it pass smog test...are you original owner...etc. Anyway
this car looked pretty clean.  One little spot of rot on passenger door and
a small spot near the vents...otherwise the body was clean and didn't seem
to have any body work done to it.  Interior was very clean.  Of course, my
husband inspected the car inside/out.  I figured since I had picked the
Jeep, I would please my husband by accepting the VW he wanted and we only
paid $1500.  I told him, buy me a CD, Sheep seat covers and a bra for the VW
and I'll be happy. This was back in June.

This VW has been driven everyday 60 miles round trip and my gas bill is now
about $100/month.  Just recently I informed my husband that the engine
seemed to be on its last leg an that I thought the starter was on its way
too. (Oil started leaking out!)  Of course, he didn't listen to me.  So,
instead of test driving to get a feel for the car, he just tuned it
up(Stripped a plug, took all weekend to fix), checked all the connections,
etc.  Didn't even test drive it! Bought a '70 Fastback that had front end
damage for spare parts. (I have posted a note looking for rubber for rear
pop out windows that I want to remove from '70 for my '71-All to no avail)

Monday morning off to work and my long commute...VW seems o.k. seems to be
running better...hmmm.  On the way home, almost there, Me and the kids are
flying in the car pool lane, then it ends and the traffic begins...OH NO!
Oil light comes on and stays on!! I read the manual when we first got the
car and I remember reading that you should not drive with the oil light
on...so I pull off the freeway and my car dies...I restart it and limp to a
corner parking lot a block away, pull in and let my baby rest.  Checked the
oil and its dry!  The oil I had placed in the rear is gone!  Husband forgot
to put it back!  Call husband to come to the rescue.  He checks out the car
does a little tinkering, puts oil and we barely got it home (about 1-2 mi)
White smoke was blowing all the way.  Sounds like sh*t!  Then he informs me
that the engine was blown.

Please keep in mind that we have never owned a VW before, but have bought
Haynes, Bently, Muir and I have been printing mailnotes, and Web pages
referencing T3 stuff that I have found which I felt might be useful.Boy! was
it ever!!

Husband has gotten carried away!!!!  Completely stripped the '70 for useable
parts...Had a new tranny on it (w/receipts) Pulled engine on '71 and ordered
a rebuilt one...Ordered new tranny for freeway driving...completely cleaned
out engine compartment...primered it...undercoated complete underside and
wheel wells.  Rebuilt axels, replaced cv boots, repacked U joints(?) 6 of 8
were good (using both '70 & '71 parts)...replaced starter...replaced gas
hoses...bought new oil full flow system...new muffler...new
shocks(front&rear)...obtained missing heater parts...rewired
completely...pulled all exhaust and remaining stuff and sandblasted and
coated with special heat resistant paint...new clutch...Checked gas tank and
it was rusting on top...removed rust and painted...checked under battery
which was also rusting, scrapped and cleaned out rust, placing a special mat
under battery...redid fuel injection. I know I'm leaving some stuff out,
can't remember it all. 

It has been two weeks now and everything is coming together after spending
about $2000, rewiring is done.  Just need to prime the oil, put in the
plugs, time it and try to turn it over and pray that it starts and runs
good.  I am really excited as everything is new.  This Fastback has really
grown on me, its cute and fun to drive.  Have someone who will cherry out
the body[remove the rust] and repaint for me.  But now hopefully I won't
have anymore car problems for some time.  Just hope some nit wit doesn't run
into me or try to steal it!  Trying to get my husband to write a note to
this dl with info on what he has learned, shops that supply parts, etc.

Will keep you posted,

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