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I lowered it.


Well, I went ahead and bit the bullet.  We slammed (NOT) my Square down
9cm, with some pretty drastic results.  The job of doing it was only
slightly painful and took two of us (one a VW mechanic who has never
lowered a T3 before) and a lot of tools about two hours to do the deed.  I
replaced the front shocks at the same time with German Boge TI rears.  We
failed to get to the steering gear box adjustment - he was doing this after
hours and for free (see my next post about this job).  Further, I will now
need a four wheel alignment (if one is possible on this beast).

The ride: yes, more bump steer.  There is one small fender rub, probably
due to my tires - 165s - and I think that I can eliminate it.

The look: it does look a lot better.  No more reverse rake.  The rear does
not need to be touched.  It was exactly what I wanted.  Now I will have to
get kidney supports to handle the ride!

Thanks to everyone who shared their humble opinions on the how-to and
what-to do.  And never believe anything you read in any mag about what
works.  The Haynes Manual was great.  Tech articles from VWT and VolksWorld
helped little.  Nice pictures though ...

Patrick & Urs

P  A  T  R  I  C  K   J  O  E  L   M  O  R  T  O  N

Owner of, "Helmut", a 1963 Pearl White,
Resto-Cal Custom Volkswagen Beetle &
"Urs", a bone stock, Marine Blue
1967 Squareback, which will eat all of my
money for years to come ...

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     on the face of the Earth."
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