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Re: Which dizzy for me?

This may not answer your question, but I HIGHLY recommend you just buy an 
electronic ignition setup.  I bought a Pertronics Ignition (spelling?) for 
less than $70.  It is *very* easy to install and you probably won't have to 
worry about a timing adjustment.  Seems expensive?  Well, let's be 
forward-looking about this:  No points to EVER adjust; No points to EVER 
wear out and replace; No condenser to EVER worry about or replace; No point 
float at high RPMs (EVER!); Will work in ANY air VW, T1-T3 (I believe H2O, 
but don't quote me on that), with the vast majority of ignition systems and 
fuel systems, including FI; and can be removed with the stock points 
replaced in case you sell the vehicle.  There are NO performance drawbacks 
to using an electronic ignition -- I said performance...if you want a TOTAL 
stocker, stick with points.

Shop around for an electronic ignition because the price does vary.  If you 
get something other than Pertronics I would be very interested in your 
opinion about the product.  I can only speak about what I am using since I 
have not tried the other products, but I would like to know more.

I have *nothing* bad to say about the product I am using.  Although I have 
had it only two years it hasn't failed me AND has allowed me to really wind 
my 2.0L as high as I want (points would float at high RPM and limit my 
power usability curve).  The product does come with a spacer plate but I 
found I did not need it in my 009 distributor.

Before my current system I never had to specify a distributor part number, 
just the make, model, fuel delivery (at one time it was FI, then became 
carburated) and year of the car.  Maybe they want the type of distributor, 
say a 009 or a 050, like mechanical advance or vacuum advance (or a 
combination of the two)?

As for timing, if you KNOW the timing is dead-on (correct), then score a 
line on the outside shaft and the clamp (of the distributor) so if you have 
to remove it you can just line up the marks to make it a single line again 
-- instant timing!  (Boy, I'm forgetting the names to all these parts I 
just know visually -- I guess I'll need to bring a manual to work for a 
proper part name reference :)

     Toby Erkson
     modified '72 VW Squareback 2.0L
     stock '75 Porsche 914 1.8L

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Subject: Which dizzy for me?
Author:  type-3-errors@umich.edu at SMTPGATE
Date:    11/4/96 11:57 AM


I need to do a tune-up. Need points, condensor, etc.

I called for parts, but everyone wants the number from my 
distributor. One guy told me I had to remove it!

Is there any way to get this # without major hassle? The car is 
question is a '63 T3 Notchback 1500s. Don't mind getting dirty with 
mirrors if that's what it takes - I just don't want to have to set 
the timing after removing the dizzy, only to have to do it again 
during the tune up :)

*Jonathan Hirschman*
**Senior Producer***

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