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Re: Hella Lenses from OZ

Eko wrote,

>I spent the last two weekends in junkyards here in Jakarta, Indonesia, and
>I found some
>rare type 3 stuff, including a pair of  tail light lenses that I was
>looking for. The
>lenses were not exactly what I was looking for because I think they are
>american style
>lenses. On the surface of the lenses I found the mark 'Hella', but also
>'Made in
>Australia'. I have no information about this. Does Hella Australia still
>produce these
>lenses? (If not, when did they stop the production?). Maybe you can tell
>me more about
>the supply of these lenses in Australia. Maybe these lenses (Australian
>made) are very
>easy to find in your place, but they are getting harder and harder to find
>here in

Hella have manufactured in OZ for quite a few years (probably over 30) and
were the manufacturers of OEM parts for the OZ Built VW's.

I'm not sure when they stopped manufacture, but the lenses are ot very easy
to get down here.  Aaron will probably have more info on this subject.

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