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Converting drum brakes to disc brakes

>I wish i could keep the drum brakes on my 63 notch, but i want to be able to
>stop and i want to have a little more peace of mind when it comes to my
>braking system.  So when i'm visiting home this winter break, i want to
>convert my notch to disc brakes.  Are there any kits available?  Anyone have
>any hints or directions they can offer me?  I have the beam from a 66
>fastback already, and to my eye it looks like it should bolt right in place.
>From my recollection a later dual cylinder MC bolts right up in place, but
>i'll need to fix up some brake lines.  what are the basic steps and hints
>needed to do this conversion?

The late front axle beams and master cylinders will bolt right in.  Use the 
late clamp plates with the late beams (they have holes for the late upper 
Zerk fittings which were located elsewhere in the early beams.)  It may be 
difficult to install a late brake fluid reservoir; this may make you just 
chose to stick with the single cylinder.  To do the best job installing a 
tandem MC you will also need the correct L & R hard lines for the 2 front 
brakes.  I have all these parts if you need them.

It is probably best to start by just removing the gas tank.  This gains 
access to a lot of the parts you will need.  You will need a tie rod end puller.

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