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Re: T3 Detectives address/phone?

Aaron Britcher wrote:
> Eko,
>         Howdy. The address is in the UK (England) and I am very sure
> that they carry NOS, used and repro probably tail-light lenses such as
> you require. I just bought a pair of NOS Euro flat lenses from them
> myself. Very good people to deal with. I get most of my parts from all
> the wreckers here except for rare stuff or realy early VW-1500 stuff
> which I get from the UK, Germany and the US of A.
> Hope to hear from you soon. How's your '64 Notch? Many T3's in
> Indonesia?
> Aaron.

Hi Aaron..

I spent the last two weekends in junkyards here in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I found some 
rare type 3 stuff, including a pair of  tail light lenses that I was looking for. The 
lenses were not exactly what I was looking for because I think they are american style 
lenses. On the surface of the lenses I found the mark 'Hella', but also 'Made in 
Australia'. I have no information about this. Does Hella Australia still produce these 
lenses? (If not, when did they stop the production?). Maybe you can tell me more about 
the supply of these lenses in Australia. Maybe these lenses (Australian made) are very 
easy to find in your place, but they are getting harder and harder to find here in 
Indonesia. I keep my good old NOS 'Made in Germany' lenses as spares now, and use them 
on vw meetings only.

Another question I want to ask (for you and every body in the mailing list) is the 
strange noises that occur intermittently from my dashboard (from the speedometer to be 
exact). It sounds like a gear that has poor contact with another gear. Does this sound 
come from inside the speedometer, or from the outside or at the socket? Can you help me 
on this?

Thank you .... I'm looking forward to hearing any news from you soon..

Eko Indarto
64 notchback

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